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The Millennial Problem

The tables turned! Jobseekers have become the hunted…

Millenials have been raised and live in a digital world, they can easily function in everyday life, however, they still feel frustrated regarding their employment opportunities.
The magic tool of “Employer Branding” has not really impressed Millenials who are averse to anything “redressed” and perpetually seek unique methods in their work-life strategies. 
The world of work is changing rapidly. Employees either retire or quit for another job more frequently. Employers painfully recognize that classical job openings and “old school” HR methods don’t work well.
Panic strikes when employers see how few Millennials apply, how CVs and interviews, as an information-gathering technique, don’t predict performance, loyalty, and accountability accurately.
… even so, the hiring process may take ‘forever (average 57 days in the EU, 45 in the US)!